Friday, November 27, 2009

u can put java-script in HTML by 2 ways
1)code inside HTML like

2) refer to a script file inside title tag like

about social improver

about social improver

it needs
have good relations with people
have good experience
have to be good talkative with people
AND I am Searching for the REST

i have

i make a friendship in deepest levels ,not on the fly
but i learned to make on the fly friendship

im making experience with reading novel and books

Talkative :) some times i found myself JACK and sometimes JACKASS
im working on it


i dreamed

i dreamed to be
1)Computer engineer , and i found that this field is huge so

2)Embedded Engineer , im working on it , or frankly i must try till i get my B.Sc or love it

3)Graphical Designer ,as my .Creative part in me push me to do so

4)Drawing Artist as the same reason above :)

5)Social improver "Leader" im working on it

please GOD help me to know the rightest place as soon as possible
"i just should enjoy my wondering"